How to Impress on a Video Call

By Emily Nahem | Career Counselor | Office of Career & Life Design 

Many of our interactions these days, professional and personal, are happening over video conferencing platforms. From participating in an online meeting, to a job interview, to attending a virtual career fair, it’s important to know how to put yourself in the best light! 

Follow these 7 tips to look your best on a video call: 

Lighting: Lighting is crucial to how well your face is seen on a video call. Front-facing natural light is the best for brightening your skin and features. Try setting up your camera in front of a window so that the lighting is hitting your face straight on. If you don’t have a window, you can try putting a lamp in front of you. It’s also important to not have too much light behind you as this will wash your face out and make it difficult to see.

Dress well: It’s important to dress professionally even on a video call. Although the viewer won’t see your entire outfit, dressing professional can help with your own confidence in the call. Opt for a neutral colored or black top and try to avoid bright colors and patterns. 

Prep for optimal eye contact: In person, we would normally be looking straight into the person’s eyes. However, on video we must try our hardest to look into the camera to simulate direct eye contact. Try putting the video box of the other person in the upper center portion of your screen to align the eye contact.  

Angle is key: Avoid having your camera sit too low and show off an unflattering angle. Ideally, your camera should be directly across from your face or slightly above you. You can try stacking your laptop on some books if you need extra elevation. It’s also important to position yourself a good distance from the camera. You want to take up the majority of the shot but leave some space around your face.

Minimize distractions: It’s best to set up your video call in a quiet space with little interruptions. You may want to make sure whoever you live with is aware you will be on a video call and make sure pets won’t be a distraction. 

Background: Another important factor to keep in mind is your background. Try to position the shot so that a neutral wall with minimal distractions appears behind you. If you have a less than ideal background space, opt for a background image to upload.

Be Genuine: Lastly, remember to be genuinely engaged with the people on the other end! It can be more difficult to create a connection on video calls but following these tips can help to ensure you are looking your best.  

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