When Space is No Longer A Constraint

By Tarik Asan

(Image source:

A perspective Neil deGrasse Tyson shared in one of his recent interviews really resonated with me a few weeks ago. He said, “Einstein’s Relativity tells us that we exist in time and space coordinates, but during the pandemic, space was no longer a constraining coordinate.” In other words, when you want to meet with a friend or colleague, you no longer need to face the challenge of determining where to meet—all you need to determine is when to meet and the “where” will exist in the virtual realm, thanks to technology.

As the dust slowly starts to settle while we continue to navigate through a pandemic world, we’re hearing increased reports of organizations embracing remote operations. This shift is no easy feat, but a growing number of business leaders around the globe are challenging the norms and redesigning work environments to allow permanently remote workforce.

Since space is no longer a constraining coordinate, this exciting movement in the business world means that your job search is no longer confined within your daily commute range—as long as you’re willing to take on the challenges that comes with it, including virtual interviews.

To get a closer look at what makes a virtual interview process successful, we recently had Heather VanCura from Oracle give us her top 10 virtual interview tips. Here’s what we learned:


In this part of her talk, Heather shared with us her tips on setting up your physical and technical space, and thinking proactively to reduce distractions and present your best self.


This is where you bring out your selfie sticks! Later in the discussion, Heather provided us with great strategies on practicing presence in the virtual realm.

Whether you plan to expand your job search beyond your space coordinate or not, we strongly encourage you to watch the two short videos above to get inspired by Heather’s strategies and tips on achieving success in your next interview!

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