A message from Neepa Parikh | Director | Office of Career & Life Design 

After nearly 9 years, I will be moving on from GGU and starting the next step in my career journey. While I am sad to leave my position in career services, my team, and the amazing students, alumni, staff, and faculty that belong to this diverse community, I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I had to grow as a leader and continue my education. I’m excited to stay connected to the university, especially as a soon-to-be alumna from the MBA program – woo hoo!  As a career counselor, I continually encourage the professional growth of others and it’s imperative that I practice what I preach. Going through the job search process validates the career services approach at GGU – career development is a process, not a transaction. While “transactions” have its place, especially when immediate income is needed, engaging in continuous career development lays a solid foundation for making an effective career and job change. 

There are a couple things that I want to share from this transition that I hope will serve you:

  • Be a great classmate/teammate – be the teammate that your classmates would want to hire in the future. Take the lead and initiative on projects whenever possible and be an active contributor. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your team, especially if you are unable to make a meeting or a deadline.  
  • Be open to opportunities – we all get a ton of emails, and it’s worth taking a glance at them once in a while (especially those emails from your university’s career services – shameless plug) to learn about new opportunities. You never know which alumnus may be hiring. Sure, you don’t need to read every email, but career-related ones can be especially valuable. 
  • Be curious – if you’re curious about a career path or company, take the time to connect with someone and ask questions, even if there isn’t an open position. Don’t wait until you need a job to do this. Consider browsing and connecting with the wide variety of alumni on GGU Connect. If you come across a profile of an alumnus and you’re curious about their job…ask them about it!
  • Prepare – tailor your resume and cover letter, prepare for your interviews, and be prepared to negotiate an offer. If you can clearly speak to how your skills would be a match to the position, you’re making the screening process much easier for recruiters. Unless you are going into a highly technical job, don’t expect the recruiter to take the time to figure out why you’re a fit and how you would contribute to the company. 
  • Ask questions – know what you want in a job and company, and ask targeted questions to really know if the company is a good fit for you. Your questions should go beyond the typical ones about next steps in the process and the broad “company culture” questions. Be specific in what you ask so you can truly evaluate the offer when it comes.
  • References – actively engage your references and let them know what you would like them to highlight. You don’t want your references to get an unexpected call and have to figure out what to say. 
  • Be a reliable colleague/direct report/boss – just because you may be looking for your next opportunity or have just given your two weeks’ notice, doesn’t mean you can shun your duties. Change is hard and you want to make that transition as painless as possible. Go above and beyond to close out/delegate projects and ensure that you are regularly connecting with those who will be assuming your duties. Your current colleagues may be future colleagues one day and you certainly don’t want to burn any bridges. It’s also important to maintain your professionalism and continue to speak highly of your current employer and colleagues.

I’m confident that following the above can help you to succeed in attaining your career goals. I’m also happy to announce that Kandis Rodgers – our current Employer Relations Manager & Career Consultant – will be stepping in as Interim Director and students will continue to be supported by GGU and have access to career consulting.

Wishing all of you the best of luck in your career!

Companies Hiring During COVID-19

Handshake is providing all students with access to active list of companies hiring. Check out the list and work with a career consultant to strategize your job search!


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