I Get by…With a Little Virtual Volunteering

By Kandis Rodgers | Employer Relations Manager | Career Consultant 

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” This is a line from a famous Beatle’s song. How fitting this line is (and only this line if you actually listen to the whole song) during a time like this, where we are presented with the opportunity to think about how the action of one person can impact a greater community. By staying home, you are positively impacting the health of those around you. By reaching out to check in with a friend, you could be impacting their mood. Zoom house parties are a thing now and they are helping our community of friends feel less lonely during this isolating time. We are also learning that engagement does not have to be in person. Thanks to technology, we can do just about anything from home and still make an impact! 

So why not expand our new, virtual skillset to help our friends and organizations in need? A recent survey of 450+ nonprofit organizations showed that the non-profit sector will see devastating impacts from COVID-19. These organizations are seeing a decrease in funding due to cancelled community programming and events but are seeing an increase in demand for services. During a webinar hosted by Benevity on April 9 titled Reimagining Volunteering: Creative Ways to Do Good in a Time of Crisis, a panelist stated that 50% of nonprofit staff lost their jobs nationwide. Organizations that provide services to our community are in drastic need of our help.   

With National Volunteer Week taking place April 19-25, this is a great time to think about the impact you can make.  

How Can I Help?

You can help in a variety of ways, large or small. Being a volunteer does not mean you have to make it your full-time job. You can use the skills you already have, or you can learn something new! That’s the great thing about volunteering. You can create your own path and allow volunteering to provide you with the experiences you are seeking. All this while also giving back to your community.  

Also, this article would be remiss if it did not mention the small, and astronomically impactful, things you can do on your own to positively impact your community. This is just a small list.  

  • Donate blood at the American Red Cross
  • Make masks for friends, family members, and front-line service providers. Check the whole personal protection equipment handbook here
  • Buy gift cards from small businesses and give those gift cards to your mail carrier, hairdresser/barber, or grocery store clerk. 
  • Deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. 
  • Volunteer for local schools providing Zoom education or language support.

If you are looking for something tailored more to your skill set, check out these listings below for a variety of virtual opportunities.  

Catchafire – Opportunities include Employee Handbook Creation, CRM Reviews, Logo Designs, Translation, Social Media, etc. 

VolunteerMatch – Opportunities include Fundraising, Social Media, Grant Writing, etc. 

Omprakash – Opportunities include Accounting, Social Media, Grant Writing, etc. 

Zooniverse – Help with real-time research in all disciplines including science, history, art, etc. The first project that pops up asks for help to monitor seal populations around the world by tagging individuals in time-lapse and drone photographs.  

If you would like to volunteer but are not sure where to start, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Career and Life Design.  

Thank you in advance for your contributions to our community! We are in this together!  To end, here is a great Bruno Mars song. You can truly count on Golden Gate University and your career services team to be there for you

The GGU Community is Here for You!

This can be an anxiety provoking time for all individuals. There are two, online groups on GGU Connect that may be helpful at this time:

Hot Topics in the World of Work 

A “pop-up” group designed to connect the GGU community around a variety of just-in-time career topics. Includes resources such as Email Templates to Employers during COVID-19

I​nternational Student & Alumni Career Group 

A space for current and former international students to share career advice and expand their network. 

Log into your GGU Connect to join the conversation! 


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