Volunteering=Skill Building=Amazing Resume

By Kandis Rodgers | Assistant Director | Golden Gate University

Everyone asks the same question: “How do I get a job?” I have the answer to that – Build your skills through hands-on experience and grow your network. And believe it or not, the best way to do both of these at the same time is to…volunteer.

Volunteer!? What? Wait, what do you mean?

The hands-on experience that so many hiring managers are seeking can be gained by connecting with a non-profit organization or professional association. For example, if you have a skill in marketing and are looking for opportunities to showcase your talents, reach out to local organizations and see if you could assist them with their website or annual newsletter. This little act allows you to work on a project for a real business, collaborate and listen to stakeholders, and deliver a finished product. It looks great on your resume and you also help a local non-profit organization that may not have had the funds or resources.

Connecting with local non-profit organizations and professional associations also allows you to build your network. All those individuals that you are meeting are part of your network now. Relationships really matter in career and in life. Use opportunities to volunteer your time to build on relationships with others and make a name for yourself. You never know when the person you are volunteering with can pass your resume on to a hiring manager, or better yet is a hiring manager.

Remi Mustafa, alumna and HR Business Partner at LinkedIn, stated during the Recruiter’s Panel event in November, “Build your network by giving. When you give, you receive.” Come to ELEVATE: Professional Development Fair to network with non-profit organizations and discover skill-building opportunities. Also get a free professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile.

To Register for ELEVATE please log into your GGU Careers Account for additional information #gguELEVATE


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