The Mentorship Challenge

By Megan Gray | Director of Mentorship | Golden Gate University

January is National Mentoring Month. To celebrate, I’m excited to share that GGU has a new Mentorship Program to connect students with alumni, faculty, and staff for career advice and support. I hope to inspire you with a challenge.

I know what you may be thinking. “Yes! Bring it on!” Or, “what is mentoring exactly and why would I celebrate with a challenge?” Or, maybe even, “who cares, mentorship is just another thing to do and another relationship to worry about.”

Whatever you’re thinking, let me first share why I want to celebrate and why I think it’s worth the challenge.

It is true that mentorship is a relationship, and it requires work, but successful people everywhere will tell you that mentorship was and is a critical part of their career journey. I personally can vouch for the role mentorship has played in my career, as both a mentee and mentor. My mentoring relationships have informed, inspired, and motivated me both personally and professionally in all areas of my life, helping me explore options, understand my preferences, strengths and weaknesses, challenge my assumptions, and ultimately, make big decisions.

I haven’t always knowingly recognized my mentoring relationships or the fact that mentorship has played a huge role in defining who I am and where I am now, but it has. I now understand how important mentorship is to my professional success and happiness. I think that is why a whole month is designated for celebration in the new year, the time we think most about improving ourselves and our situations.

So, my challenge is this: Make 2020 the year you challenge the status quo of your professional relationships and make new friends and allies. Embrace a mindset for growth and mentorship. Suspend any hesitation, apprehension or apathy towards the notion and actively consider and celebrate the role that mentorship has or could play in your life, starting now.

Getting started looks something like this…

  • Learn more about GGU’s Mentorship Program for students
  • Seek and join professional networks, including your GGU Community (GGU Connect)
  • Be willing to put yourself out there, in the mix, and actively connect with new professionals
  • Talk to a variety of people about what they do, why they do it and how they got there
  • Learn self-awareness and practice talking with others about yourself, your background, your values, your talents and your aspirations
  • Learn how to be a good mentee and mentor
  • Commit to seeking new mentoring relationships
  • Enjoy the journey and celebrate new connections with your GGU community. Happy Connecting!

Want to learn more about GGU’s Mentorship Program?  Visit #ggumentorship #gguconnect #choosementorship #leanintomentorship

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