By Emily Nahem | Career Counseling Intern | Golden Gate University
left to right: Remi Mustapha, Pleshetta Dauzart, Yvonne Martinez-Figeuroa, and Natalie Signorelli

Last month, we had an amazing group of recruiters visit GGU to share job search tips and strategies. With shifts in technology and the increased autonomy of job-seekers, it’s important to know the current trends. We’re excited to reveal their top secrets for the job search process:

  1. Best Ways to Network
  • Attend social events where you have the opportunity to meet industry professionals
  • Do some research prior to the event and reach out to someone you know will be there
  • Leverage your immediate network, including classmates and professors
  • Approach conversations with genuine interest and authenticity
  1. How to Break Into the Field
  • Use keywords from the job description on your resume
  • List specific skills on your resume and LinkedIn
  • Attend networking events
  • Tell a story in your resume (it’s okay if it’s more than 1 page)
  1. How to Leave a Good Impression in an Interview
  • Have a genuine interest in the company and position
  • Be mindful of all interactions, especially with the receptionist!
  • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself – interviewers want to know who they will be working with
  • Send a follow up email within 24 hours
  1. Online Platforms in the Job Search
  • Use LinkedIn for networking, research, and job postings
  • Consider publishing writing and other works on Blogger, GitHub, and Medium
  • Utilize all social media platforms professionally and thoughtfully
  1. Final Tips
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!
  • Continue to persist, even in face of discouragement
  • Know what you’re looking for, set parameters for yourself, and invest time in research
  • Leverage your network and give time for relationship building
  • Build your brand and create your career story

View the full panel discussion for more information.


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