The Benefits of “Getting Involved”

By Neepa Parikh | Director | Office of Career Planning

About a year before entering college as an undergrad, I finally started to find my voice and get slightly comfortable with public speaking. However, I had a long way to go. I attended a large public university where class presentations were not very common or practical. Luckily, there were tons of opportunities to get involved on campus and develop these skills while meeting new people. I served as a Campus Representative at my alma mater for about three years. As a rep, I welcomed new and prospective students to campus and led tours of groups both big and small. Not only did I build some amazing friendships, I gained more confidence in my presentation skills. Admittedly, it’s a skill that I still continue to work on. My extra-curricular involvement didn’t stop there. I was recently on the board of directors for a professional association and currently lead an employee engagement team at my workplace. Each experience allows me to try out new skills and build my network.

Employers are drawn to candidates who are involved in activities beyond school and work. Consider getting involved on campus or with a professional association, but go beyond simple membership. Getting involved means contributing your skills and expertise to make an impact. Whether you assume a leadership position with a student organization, sit on the board of a professional association, or volunteer at your child’s school, these opportunities will strengthen your existing or help you to develop new skills. Plus, you’ll get all the positive and good feelings associated with being involved.


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