Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers

By Joana Scharinger, Office of Career Planning

More than 30% of the US workforce consists of baby boomers (among 55-75 years old). This population is known for having a strong work ethic, being independent, competitive, and not planning to leave the work world! In fact, 85% of baby boomers plan to work into their 70’s (even 80’s)!  However, more than 53% of baby boomers have experienced age discrimination, which can pose significant challenges to their career life. If they are not ready to retire, how can they use their age to their favor? 

Career Consultant Dana Hundley says baby boomers should use their age and breadth of experience to their advantage. They should strategically utilize job search tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn) to tell their story as a candidate and get specific with what they can bring to the role and organization. 

Dana Hundley says,

“If you are applying for companies that skew more junior, you can offer a unique point of view that helps diversify the workplace, which only benefits the company.”

According to Dana, candidates can use the interview process to learn in more detail about the company’s culture, especially if there are concerns about fitting into a younger culture.

In terms of lack of technical skills, Dana recommends getting proactive and accessing free or low cost tutorials, classes, and certificates. 

And finally Dana suggests,

“If you feel like your age is a barrier to entry and you aren’t getting to the interview stage, engage your community and start with community conversations (informational interviews) to learn about companies and potential roles AND introduce yourself and your experience!  Organizations hire people, not resumes or applications – get to the part where you connect with people at companies you are interested in through community conversations.”

Read more tips for baby boomers here.


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