Staying Connected After Graduation

By Joana Scharinger, Assistant Director, Office of Career planning

There are many benefits of staying connected to GGU after graduation. You can continue to build a strong network, attend events, develop new skills, and make new friends. Graduation isn’t goodbye! In fact, the connection to your school can last a lifetime. Wondering how to stay connected? Here are some ideas:

1. Stay in touch with professors. Keep your name fresh in their mind by sending a thank-you note and showing appreciation after graduation for all you have learned in their classes. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn and send emails every so often. For example, you could forward some articles relevant to their research or to the topics they taught in class. You can also briefly update them about what’s going on in your career. Occasionally, you can ask for feedback or advice, but it is important to be grateful and pay attention to how receptive the professor is. In some cases, professors could introduce you to new industry professionals or invite you as a guest speaker in their classes!

2. Connect with classmates. Classmates are also a great way to expand your network. It is important to maintain relationships with people from the same industry, as they might be a valuable connection in the future. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Go old school and write them a letter, or call them to keep them posted on your life. Other fun ideas would be creating a long-distance book club, going for hikes, or occasional coffee chats. This is also an opportunity to make new friends!

3. Give your career a tune-up. Don’t forget that we offer unlimited career consulting appointments for alumni. That means you will get free career assistance for life! Our services range from resume reviews, interview preparation, job searching, salary negotiations, career transitions, or anything career-related. As an alumnus, you can also attend the events we organize such as networking events, LinkedIn makeovers, and career fairs. Attending GGU’s career events is an excellent way for you to stay connected with our students and meet other alumni. You can schedule your career consulting appointment or view upcoming events here.

4. Engage with Alumni Relations. Reach out to the Alumni relations department and learn about a variety of ways you can engage with GGU as an alumnus. For example, you could participate in their mentorship program, join the Ambassador Council, or become a member of the GGU Alumni Association Board. To learn more about how to engage with Alumni Relations contact alumni@ggu.edu or visit ggu.edu/alumni/

grad picCongrats to the class of 2019!

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